27 October 2013


I'm happy to share that my new shop is finally open with the first of new collections available.  I've been having a blast designing and making these new pieces and have been pleased that these are different from anything I've previously made.  I've been inspired to create pieces with longevity....something that will be classically as beautiful years from now as they are today so I wanted to use heavy clasps, larger gauge

25 October 2013


Tossing some Bloglovin' out there......
I'm sharing an awesome project from a modern, iconic stylista... Erika Brechtel,
creative director and editor of 'small shop',
an amazing brand design shop and blog {on my 'must read daily' list}!

Her Seasonal Pinboard is the next project on my to-do list for inspiration

check out Erika's gorg Home in California Edition of Adore Home Magazine

Want more instruction on how to make a lovely board of your own?
Check out Erika's D.I.Y. tutorial HERE >
A collection of her favorite things, well edited and laid out in a minimalist way.
I truly love it ....she's inspired me to take mine off the wall and redo it totally....and maybe even create a new one of much larger and appropriate size.  I love her instructions so follow the link above to see how she created hers so that you achieve that same thoughtful appearance.

Happy Friday!  xoxo ande

15 October 2013


Sharing some of the things I've been working on ....some are finished....some not
a work in progress.... my latest dream catcher 
 I'll be going out to the country... out of town to search for some wild willow branches, grapevine, quartz rocks, arrowheads and maybe if i'm lucky some pottery shards to be the stars of my dream-catchers.
Growing up on my Granddads farm by the Chattahoochee River, I used to find these all the time.