24 May 2013

Decorator Challenge

Since my Mother is a painter....I have a great appreciation and LOVE for decorating with Art.
These large scale black and white abstracts are perfect accents for these daring color palettes.
My hope is that decorators will take the time to seek out local artists works instead of production line art and  put more focus on purchasing quality Art for their clients that is to be treated as an investment.
So there is my 'Decorator Challenge'!  Come on you can find it!
Say NO to fake art and YES to your local artists.

And I love this colorful abstract and of course the pink animal print sofa

Happy Friday Decorating!

Here are some of my favorite fashion item must haves.

Now this is a perfect work outfit...when you work in an antique mall!

LOVE these glasses!

Happy Friday to All.

17 May 2013

A Kitchen Well Done

A beautiful back splash is just the beginning in this 'kitchen well done'.  Every detail has been thought through.  The floors, cabinets and counter tops keeping the most lovely neutral hues.  And I adore that valance and the glass pane cabinet doors.  A contrast of a dark wood island against the cream cabinets is a really rich feeling feature that plays up the beams above.

via At Home in Arkansas

Happy Friday!

01 May 2013

Fresh Spring Face

I love Springtime.... its a time for fresh faces, shades of pastel pink, turquoise and blue on white.
This classic fresh face is lovely...and I adore this twist on a messy half down do.
Ribbons, lace and a touch of fur all in the palest shades of pastel pink...LOVE!
Glamour France April 2005
I do love a pink do!  This is so right now.


A very fairy aproach to a fresh spring face.

Sooo LOVE this hair....its just amazing and the lashes are magical!  
A beautiful MODERN take on a fresh spring face.

Happy First of May.... 
May you find your fresh spring face!