26 September 2016

MOODBOARD | october

my October moodboard 
I've been remembering lots of things that I loved about my life so far.....
a home I once had in the country... how the mist settled over the yard in the early morning...
one of my favorite kitty companions ... Monkey ... she kept me laughing 
heirlooms.... grandmother's pearls ... glass bottles collected ... roses ...wine.... 

lots of lovely things to remember.... and then contemplating the future.... 
lots of even lovelier plans to make .... 

here are some inspiring links 
I always try to find a new artist to obsess over ...and I did ♥  Irena Gasha's work is just gorgeous
it was hard to pick just one photo of her beautiful pieces .... you must visit
her website and see how she does her wonderful hand work...its amazing.

Irena Gasha

i adore Babz boards on pinterest ...she has a great eye for style ..... so dreamy

visit the ♦ style heroine ♦ for some fabulous international flair in your wardrobe 

need an adventure.... what's more perfect in fall than a day at the winery ....

i loved my grand parents home in the country 
                                   .... guess its the inspiration for my country manor board

happy October memories + contemplation
                 xoxo, ande