25 May 2012

Wedding Inspiration

No wedded bliss is complete without some gorgeous blooms.  Love these shades of lavender with the dusky pale blues and pops of pink and luscious creams.
Visit RCS Weddings for more ideas with blooms and bouquets.

And dont you just adore this chocolate layer cake!? Its confection perfection.

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Dress CRUSH for the moment... its sooo beautiful!

dress via stpucchi

A cake topper like no other.......this is so whimsical...

via Paris Apartment
 We're attending a family wedding next weekend.  Yay! Congrats to Lauren & Mike!
Looking forward to sharing their special moment and spending time with family.

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whitelights & latenights

Dont overlook having your hair and makeup done for the special day...you wont regret that extra step.  Everyone knows how to do your own...but its a pampering step that makes the bride say ahhh.  And with all the stress of planning and prepping who doesnt need an ahh on that day!
Check out my Coco Bliss and RCS Weddings for ideas on hair, makeup and even outfits for the never ending parties and showers as well as your oh so lovely honeymoon.

This is an adorable cupcake topper...what a great idea for a day before wedding brunch.
Lemon cupcakes!  Yum
Hit up my 'Nom Noms' board on pinterest for some fabulous recipes and ideas.

Its FRIDAY! Yesss!  Happy Weekend Everybody!

21 May 2012


I love this bag! Its Prada...the fairy collection. 
When I saw it I was instantly inspired to create a tote like this
with handpainted scenery and an edgy grafitti feel.  Dont know if I'll go with fairies for the theme but none the less I  LOVE it!

Happy Monday!

20 May 2012

Inspirational Studio Spaces

It seems like such a luxury to have a space to work and create.  I'm totally loving these art studios.

Such a great use of a vintage frame...makes a fab moodboard!  I love that its black and white too.
 Wow what a great design & meeting space.  The lucite table makes the space seem bigger and brighter.
 The lighting in this space is awesome! The work table is the perfect height and the baskets underneath are a great way to deal with those little bits and pieces that you want to keep up with.  The huge work boards offer plenty of room so that your projects can be spread out.  I think the mirrors on the table top are very interesting and a very glamorous touch.
 This room has amazing natural light and with white walls your sure to get a clear crisp view of your project.  I think a mistake that alot of people make is painting their studio walls.  Keep in mind that whatever color you choose will be reflected on your work surface and can taint your perspective of the true colors in your project.  If your not so much for the true white walls...try a very pale hue of cream. 
 I love this color combo...whites, creams grays and black...beautiful! 
And I'm crushing on a vintage dress form right now!
 This moodboard speaks to me.  The watercolor study of birds is so pretty.  I love that its linen wrapped and the amount of space carefully left between each item prevents them from getting lost in a jumble.
 I just had to include this wonderful diy project using vintage book pages.  Anthropologie always has great projects done in their shops.  Wouldnt this be amazing lighting for a studio sitting area!

Happy Sunday Evening!

17 May 2012

New projects from the studio

I've been refurbing some adorable vintage jewelry boxes in the studio this past week. 
These will be soon be added to our etsy shop ...better photos of course!  I just couldnt wait to share them. 
I'm loving the shapes of these little gems.... and after some new paint finishes and an interior re-upholster job on small scale they look fabulous dont you think!  I have three more boxes to finish and some better photos to take and up for sale they go. 

 and YES I used animal print to recover the interior of these beauties
 I tried my hand at be jeweling!  The little pulls just cried out for some bling so I added some smoky swarovski rhinestones....now they look like jewel encrusted bow ties...LOVE!
 I'm still working on the design for the top of this...its in progress.  I think the crown needs something...hmm...have to ponder on it more.  I hand painted the shield and the background of sky and pasture behind it...now for that crown... i think it needs gold and some bling?
The glass doors were totally gross before with some really horrible 70s fake lead flowers...it had to go!  So off to the local glass shop we went for new shiny clear glass panels for the front...it makes it sparkle now.
and of course...more luscious animal print for the interior...a perfect bed for your jewels to rest upon!

Hope all you lovilies have a wonderful rest of the week as we sail to the weekend!

16 May 2012

Summer Brights

Adore these Hermes scarves... and the gorgeous colors in those pillows...Crushing!

Jil Sander Fall 2012

15 May 2012

wallpaper your closet

Wallpaper in your closet....yes! Make an individual statement in your personal space.  These papers make these closets more than just a closet...its glam, posh and just so elegant.  I love each one!
This is so elegant and appropriate for anyone....

ADORE this animal print paper..so pretty!

This is actually a dressing room...but this paper would be so incredible in my closet!

I just love the simple white walls in this room with all the pops of color and that chandilier is amazing!
LOVE this sette...and pillows for a very relaxing retreat!

Hoping you all have a wonderful week!

11 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Have a Wonderful Weekend

07 May 2012

Prettiful Monday

images via: Brides Cafe, tobaccoandleather, ruffledblog

06 May 2012

Simply not simple and ohhh so gorgeous for it!

Niche for an office space...this is gorgeous!  The shades of gray, black + white are lovely.
I think I would raise the pendants just a tinsy.... but other than that... LOVE.

So much space and light...breath in a sigh of relief and relaxation...this room says home!  I love everything about this ....the art, drapes, colors, those side chairs and stools and especially that gorg huge coffee table!

I saw this and fell in love...I live in a barn now...its not nearly as spectacular as this! 
LOVE that front door!

Can you say GLAM! This speaks chic... and zebra is my weakness...love the hints of green...so fresh and the layers upon layers of accents are what make this so wonderful and cozy.
Hmm....this room is luxury!  Cream sofas + dark woods + glass + so much light.... its just gorgeous.

images via: Moth Design & Holtwoodhipster.blogspot.com