25 May 2012

Wedding Inspiration

No wedded bliss is complete without some gorgeous blooms.  Love these shades of lavender with the dusky pale blues and pops of pink and luscious creams.
Visit RCS Weddings for more ideas with blooms and bouquets.

And dont you just adore this chocolate layer cake!? Its confection perfection.

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Dress CRUSH for the moment... its sooo beautiful!

dress via stpucchi

A cake topper like no other.......this is so whimsical...

via Paris Apartment
 We're attending a family wedding next weekend.  Yay! Congrats to Lauren & Mike!
Looking forward to sharing their special moment and spending time with family.

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whitelights & latenights

Dont overlook having your hair and makeup done for the special day...you wont regret that extra step.  Everyone knows how to do your own...but its a pampering step that makes the bride say ahhh.  And with all the stress of planning and prepping who doesnt need an ahh on that day!
Check out my Coco Bliss and RCS Weddings for ideas on hair, makeup and even outfits for the never ending parties and showers as well as your oh so lovely honeymoon.

This is an adorable cupcake topper...what a great idea for a day before wedding brunch.
Lemon cupcakes!  Yum
Hit up my 'Nom Noms' board on pinterest for some fabulous recipes and ideas.

Its FRIDAY! Yesss!  Happy Weekend Everybody!

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