30 January 2015


a shop's window display can draw you in...or just make you stand in front of it daydreaming.
Here are some of my favorite shop vignettes and window displays...would love to be out exploring and finding new shops and maybe having a coffee in the process....

Apothicaire Furniture   château de Clermault

26 January 2015


Having a bit of a designer crush right now.... Emma Sims Hilditch is brilliant.
Mixing traditional style with completely modern palette is her specialty and its done to
perfection in the Manor home.
What I'm loving about this room is, of course, the soft palette, 
and the bleached wood finish on the dresser and side tables.  

25 January 2015

KITCHEN DESIGN | 2015 renovation ideas

A new year ....new designs to gather inspiration from.
If you're torn between light and dark cabinets like I am hopefully
some of these images will help in the decision process.

What's great about this kitchen is the matte finish of the dark cabinets with the glossiness
of the white countertops, tiles behind the stove and the stainless hood.
The trey ceiling is finished in gloss white as well as just makes this room so glam.
An important thing to note about the 'shine' of this room is that it wouldnt/couldnt happen without
great lighting... take note of recessed halogens in the ceiling and those gorgeous fixtures over
the island... no kitchen works without thoughtfully planned lighting.
Tamara Magel Interiors

24 January 2015


I'm crushing on the serene palette's of cream, white, black + grey
used by the designers of Foley and Cox

07 January 2015

BLACK + WHITE | in chalk or lacquer finishes

It's no secret...I adore chalk paint ....it's such an easy medium to work with and renders a
gorgeous feel as well as look.  Recently I've been infatuated with grey and now am leaning 
back to an old standard ...black.  I LOVE these lacquer pieces just as much as the chalk.

via Jenny Wolf Interiors