18 June 2013

Tea Party Wonderland hosted by Rococo Cat Studio

Here at Rococo Cat Studio we've hosted many tea parties in the past and have decided that we're going to offer our vast collection of tea party accoutrements & party planning services to the public.

RCS is now offering Tea Party Planning, Decorating & Serving.

We have a large stash of linens, teapots, cups & saucers, silver and more decor for traditional english teas and will decorate for themed parties as well.  We provide the Tea selection, Treats & Delights from our very own kitchen; we design invitations, floral arrangements, tablescape decor, etc. to your specifications so that you can focus on having a great time with friends & family.

We'll even help you find the perfect tea party attire.... dresses, hats, accessories.

Want to experience an RCS Tea Party...call me to find out more!

images via: The Frosted Petticoat

08 June 2013

Watercolor Wallpapers ...the latest modern looks from LA

I was perusing some photos of the Maison de Luxe when I was stopped in my tracks by the incredible Watercolor Wallpaper by Black Crow Studio…
Presented in a room by Wendy Schwartz Design, the large scale, non-repetitive pattern has a strong color palette which makes it feel like living art on walls. Artist Karla Davison specializes in this technique, where her bold applications of color blend together as if created by delicate watercolor paint.
This is fabulous inspiration!  I've got to bring this to the drawing table ....some experimenting is in order!
If anyone local is interested in wallpaper like this please contact me.  Our studio will be producing some samples for all to see.... the latest looks from LA {and I dont mean lower Alabama : p} could be in your home!

I'm totally flipping out over this color saturation.  It's AMAZING.  

Would love to see this hand-painted ....with a softer touch, more a 'faded from time' effect....
sepia tones and grays, with beams of sunlight brought through the branches.

via house to home
 Love this three panel art installation for its color.  I could see this done as an abstract with less solid reference to a face and more focus on the color and line.
via French by Design
Popping in some fab fashion inspiration.  I love this skirt and blouse! 

Happy Saturday!