17 August 2013

Local Favorites for August

Happy Saturday Morning!  
Its rainy but lovely...
Check out my link to Ann Street Studio for an awesome rainy day playlist.

I'd like to share a list of links for some local favorites to kick off your weekend!

For some fabulous food........ The River Nile downtown.

Scenic Beach Cruising at San Destin Beach 30A....... rent bikes from 30Acruiser.com

Visit Gaucho Farms for great local produce and environmentally conscious gardening practices.

Enjoy your Weekend

10 August 2013

Weekend Wishes & Links

For this weekend I'm wishing for a little time wandering through an interesting village, filled with antique shops, boutiques and cafes, and a little time at some lovely Saturday night gallery soiree.  
Good wine, appetizers and some jazz sounds amazing.


With that in mind I'm happy to share some of my musings....some wishes and hopes.

wine & dine

a truly inspiring blog....Ann Street Studio.....amazing cinemagraphs....
captures the mood perfectly.
Loving this LBD for a weekend gallery opening.
Amp up the comfort while looking haute in these amazing boots...
perfect for wandering the village 

and that little cafe should be serving this up....Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend!

01 August 2013

Taking Time

Rococo Cat Studio 
is taking a month long sabbatical from
Social Media!

I'm rebranding and putting more focus on creativity.
I'm going ' Hands On' mode!  
Creating new items for my new shop and
then will be rebranding the studio completely!

This blog will be under construction during this month so please check back 
to see whats new around the end of August!

Hope everyone has a lovely rest of the summer.

xoxo, ande