10 August 2011

Cleaning Out and Up!

I've been inspired this last week to clean out closets and also to re-do the laundry....
and this laundry room is total perfection.  So clean and crisp...I love the turquoise glass pulls on the upper cabinets and the sleek white finish on the table.  Those glass apothecary jars are to die for!
The most fab way to renewal ......Cleansing!

First purging of the old..... I'm going to follow the golden rule to the T this time and donate everything that hasnt been worn in the past year.  This makes room for just the pieces you love and makes room for new finds......AWESOME!

Once the wardrobe is cleaned out.......then renewal of the space itself can begin.  I'm loving the creativity used to make the most of these spaces.  I have a super small closet space right now so creativity is a must!

Dreaming!!!!! this closet space is about as big as my entire apt. right now!

More of that creative thinking here....so elegant!

Cleaning out every area of storage truly brings renewal!

Loving this vanity!  I'm also revamping the accessories area

Best thing of all about this is after I'm done.....I get to play dressup!

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  1. If I had that laundry room, I would be thrilled to do the laundry, and why is it that my closets can never be that organized?!! Hope you're having a great week ~


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