28 August 2016

MOODBOARD | september

♥ Chloe Pre-Fall Collection ♥

want more fall fashion inspiration .... ♦ Coco Bliss

a gorgeous place to visit .... Covet Garden London

absolute latest obsession for sewing...... The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt by Susan Smith

want more quilting inspiration, visit .... •♦○♥ my quilting cottage ♥○♦•

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                               xoxo, ande

10 August 2016

DINDER MANOR | dream home design

In September of 2015 DPages blogpost covered a most amazing country manor home... 
Dinder House.  The 9 bedroom, 5 bath home is settled in a little slice of Somerset, England's countryside heaven. With its recent renovation they successfully blend the elements of traditional architectural design that are so hard to find here in the US with modern finishes.  I've enclosed the original blogpost from Dpages below as it has boocou information about previous articles and the original designers that worked on the renovation.  Yes...this has been added to my dream-home file for inspiration .... those large windows bringing the garden view into the home.... wonderful natural wood floors, the jewel box of a chandelier, the expanse of marble and shiny modern cabinets, and just through a little door off to the side of the kitchen is a working butlers pantry to die for, and of course the gorgeous wall color and trim.  Another thing that shouldn't be overlooked, that is so important to creating the atmosphere of old homes.... HIGH ceilings!  If you are trying to create a feeling of luxury you cannot overlook that element of design.  
see the original post from DPages here
there are even more photos there

Dinder House Kitchen and Scullery
want more ........

05 August 2016

MOODBOARD | august

my moodboard for august is about getting stuff done
a break from classes means packing projects in.... 
things i'm trying to get done:

Learning some new techniques for punch needle embroidery
                                                       &  makeup application .... i do love makeup ♥

Painting our bedroom suite .... dressing room makeover is finally happening

re-vamping a satin bomber jacket .... i'll post pics soon
i'm using some awesome beading, applique, embroidery techniques
{really trying to do a d+g knock off because i'm obsessed...who can blame me}

i have this Tilda doll that i made a couple years ago, so now i'm finally
making an outfit for her and i'm trying to re-create some of the absolute fabness of 
Alice Mary Lynch's doll embellishments although ....i gotta say hers are so
incredible and not easily done .... someday one of her dolls will be mine ♦♥ 
I love the way she displays them in a shadow box 
check out Alice Mary Lynch ...doll maker extraordinaire 

♥ Happy August Musings ♥
              xoxo, ande