27 September 2011

Kitch n Glitz......a little slice of heaven....

A quick post before digging into chapters and chapters of ... eeek!....math homework.  Ugh...
I'm so loving this beautiful kitchen.  At first glance it seems simple...white...but upon looking further you begin to appreciate a ton of brilliant details.  First of all I love that the moldings are a bit of a different shade of white...more creamy....then the lovely light fixtures ...all the silver and matte globes and bulbs for a really nice glow without being tooo bright....of course the under cabinet lights are perfect for work areas and I definitley dont take those for granted anymore after living in a super tiny apt with an even super tinier kitchen with no updates. Ahhh those marble countertops are exquisite... i really really love them...really.  Also notice those fab cabinets...i love the shape of the glass inserts...gives a bit of structure and shine that works great with this white on white. Other awesome details are the huge gorgeous mirror and that lovely table and chairs...all white and of course the thing that just gives that perfect balance of luxury ...the palest of gray dupioni drapes....HEAVEN!
My Dream Kitchen
 Dont forget the kettle!
loving the delicate shape of this etagere
 i need a dose of sugar and caffiene before this math can begin

Hermes Mosaic Dinnerware.....drool!  hermes.com

i need a nice latte....this looks amazing
Happy Tuesday and hope you're all having a great evening.

images via: neiman marcus, hermes.com, this is glamorous, decorista

26 September 2011

Glitz and Glam ....living rooms and home offices

Beautiful Mirrored Desk + Gorgeous Glam Zebra rug + volumes of caramel dupioni = Perfection!

More Chocolate Velvet + Cushy Sheepskin rug + tiny glitz of table = LOVE  there's so many +'s

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24 September 2011

Nature's Palette

I'm Inspired by the floral photography of Kari Herer. 
Floral photography by Kari Herer ... she has a new blog! www.karihererblog.com

There's so many suttle layers here.  The palest painted wall mural with this gorgeous velvet sette, piles of pillows and drapes of fabrics, and painted finishes on the furniture....exquisite.

Love these ikate covered chairs, designed by Emily Ruddo for High Gloss Mag, July 2011
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22 September 2011

Beautiful Autumn Colors

'Hunter', Oil on Canvas,  by Paula Grissett .... paulaspaintstudio.com

images via: sugarhigh, jenna hein, spell and gypsy, ralph lauren home

19 September 2011

Early Morning Light

You Know that Early Morning Light ....when you wake up so early the birds arent even awake yet....thats the prettiest time of day to me.  So inspiring....the wonder of what a new day holds.
 I'm loving these soft colors and expected feel of softness of this natural linen
 this is so glamorous...so perfectly glitzy....LOVE the silver walls too

16 September 2011

From Pergamum to Pergamon

 Origins.........Pergamum, Turkey
Ishtar Gate, (Tor) Lions, origins Turkey 180-60BC, now is on display in the Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum is situated on the Museum Island in Berlin. The site was designed by Alfred Messel and Ludwig Hoffmann and was constructed in twenty years, from 1910 to 1930. The Pergamon houses original-sized, reconstructed monumental buildings such as the Pergamon Altar, the Market Gate of Miletus, all consisting of parts transported from Turkey. There is controversy over the legitimacy of the acquisition of the collection. It was suggested that the collection should be returned to Turkey (original country of the excavations).
The museum is subdivided into the antiquity collection, the Middle East museum, and the museum of Islamic art.

In this photo see the portion of the gate to the right where the lions are located across the bottom to get a sense of the scale.

incredible details

Ishtar Gate, Origin of Turkey, re-constructed in Pergamon Museum, Germany

Nearly intact mosaic floor found in large peristyle residence, Pergamum.
 I love this parot mosaic!  Can't you imagine this in your home..... I want one!
Mosaic Pavement
 Pergamum, Turkey  has the usual Hellenistic/Roman pedigree--settled by Aeolians in the 8th century BCE.  This is the actual site of the Altar of Zues, considered to be one of the most magnificent altars of antiquity, after it was excavated completely by the Germans.
Zeus's Altar site, photo via 'roadeveron'

Turkey- Pergamum's Cliff Hanging Greek Theatre, photo via 'roadeveron'

site of Pergamum theatre and trajan temple, 1st century, photo via 'roadeveron'
 This is the re-constructed Zeus's Altar ... pieced back together inside the museum. Pretty Fascinating.

Zeus's Altar re-constructed
 The scale of this is amazing!  Can you believe they broke this entire city apart stone by stone and took it back to Germany.  Controversial to say the least.

Summerian Figure

Archaeology is so fascinating.  Preserving a culture and making it available for the public to see should be greatly appreciated.

photos via: 'The Road Ever On', Pergamon Museum, Berlin

12 September 2011

Ghost Chairs

Glad to see a sparkling replacement for the out dated folding bamboo.  These are exquisite...