24 September 2011

Nature's Palette

I'm Inspired by the floral photography of Kari Herer. 
Floral photography by Kari Herer ... she has a new blog! www.karihererblog.com

There's so many suttle layers here.  The palest painted wall mural with this gorgeous velvet sette, piles of pillows and drapes of fabrics, and painted finishes on the furniture....exquisite.

Love these ikate covered chairs, designed by Emily Ruddo for High Gloss Mag, July 2011
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More from Kari Herer ..... the layers and layers of petals inspire layered perfection in a room

Layered like this lovely dining room by John Saladino for id.... that stone wall with that lovely aged mirror and abundant candlelight to reflect and glow, then more layers of luscious crystal and china on layers of lovely fabrics ....and those chairs to sink into.... you could linger here long after dinner.

Lovely little nook designed by Molly Frey Design

And sooo many sparkling layers of luxury in this room..... the panelled walls, the mirror, the art work with glowing art piece lamps and those luscious chairs to sink into and glass topped table.  I see one layer that is missing in this....that all the other rooms have.... hmm I think if it had that layer this room could claim perfection .... fresh flowers!

Kari Herer

This room speaks of Palm Beach...layers of confection colors, the palest pink walls with some wonderful crown mouldings, the gilt frames and curtain rods, and all these lovely fabrics.

This room from AD June 2011 has a wonderful natural feel...the grasscloth wallpaper, the bamboo shades, the lovely drapes and uphostered pieces in warm prints of pumpkin and terracotta and of course that fab rug.

Love this pumpkin wall and the gorgeous little antique sofa covered with all those gorgeous jewel toned pillows... the chandi is perfect layer of sparkle.

Kari Herer

These olive walls are so posh....and I love the layer of the triptych photography piece.

Lovely layers of gray and jewel tones in KK's office...the chevron print chair, mirrored desk and little side table ...Awesomeness! 

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