27 December 2011

Whats by your bed?

Having a bedside table for some is just an after-thought.  I personally think you should consider having more than just the basic tiny table.  I love the idea of having more space by the bed.... for books, lamps, a few lovely accessories and more.  When you start to think of this....think beyond even... instead of just considering how much space you'd like on the table top...why not consider having drawer space as well. 

This gorgeous chest from Ethan Allen comes to mind and I would love having one of these on each side of a glorious bed.  If you've found the perfect bed...why not consider a fab chest like this on each side?

bombay chest, Ethan Allen

Not only does it raise the height of your bedside to an acceptable useable level...you'll soon find that your totally spoiled and could never go back to that pique side table of our grandmothers.

Ethan Allen... their Modern Collection

I cant even consider having these tiny tables again..... Your barely able to squeak a glass of water on there after you place a lamp and a book...ugh!

ahh... much better!  Space....  a premium resource to be appreciated and enjoyed.  Whats even more glorious is what you see here....you do not have to have the same dresser or chest on each side but can experiment with different pieces.  I love the use of this gorgeous table on one side and the mirrored chest on the other....so bring in your antiques and change things up. So very elegant.

Ethan Allen... to me its an investment well worth making.

While this tiny bedside table is indeed gorgeous... I would much rather see it to the side of a chair....I mean this bed is so luxurious....you could totally pop in two of those mirrored chests on each side and make a mucho posh statement and also have all the space you could need.

These chests by Ethan Allen seem to be the perfect size for the bedside.  They are a tad smaller in scale than the typical dresser...which Ethan Allen dressers are exquisite as well....large hulking master pieces! 

They offer a variety of styles and collections.

The Explorer collection has so many versatile pieces... I love these bamboo front chests too. 

so...explore the thought of tossing that tiny table for something way more practicle and posh!

26 December 2011

White Rooms

white rooms + plush white sofas = blissful retreat

 i love this white kitchen with touches of weathered gray on the cabinets and glitzy shine on the fridge

 whites mixed with the palest of grays and candlelight is so perfect

 my favorite squishy white sofa from the queen of all things white...Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic line
 lush white linens from rachel ashwells shabby chic

Find your Blissful Retreat in the New Year!

images via: rachel ashwell's shabby chic, decorista, this is glamorous, pinterest, tumbler, ralph lauren, etc.

24 December 2011

The Lost Art of Stuffing the Stockings.... lovely gifts perfect for yours

As a child I was blessed with stockings over-flowing at my home and my grandparents.... it was an added surprise that made Christmas just that much more special and we all loved that tradition.
These days it seems that the stockings are getting forgotten....no one fills them anymore.  They are just used as decoration...but to me that extra bit of effort to find tiny treasures to pile in should never be overlooked.
Here are some tiny treasures that I think would be fabulous to find....
Merry Christmas!

cherry blossom girl
 maybe not a whole swan.....he's just so pretty

cherry blossom girl

 heheee!  this little fella is the cutest ever!!  Instantly in LOVE!
Have a Blessed Christmas

images via: Design Chic, This is Glamorous, Pinterest, tumbler, chanel, cherry blossom girl

22 December 2011

New Years new take on Black n White

I love an elegant interior done with a mix of traditional and modern pieces against a backdrop of historic.  To me this gives a fabulous layered look that is rich with heritage....to render a room that comes across as peaceful and meaningful is my goal as a decorator and designer.  I would much rather take an antique piece and refurb it....it brings so much character, style and lets face it...antiques are built to last.  Creating a home full of the character and the traditions of a family as well as a peaceful refuge from this crazy world is most important.  So with this said I'm looking at some fabulous interiors created by designers like Abigail Ahern, Thomas Obrien and KML Design....inspiration for a new year and new design principles.
 Saturated Tone on Tone is Super Luxe
Use of Black and White details creates Quiet touches of Elegance
 Glossy Black Doors...Traditional Elegance that never ever goes out but adds an oh so posh touch
 Black Iron Chandi's are so fab
 And I'm loving how this white on white adds so much glamour to the room.
 More of that layered tone on tone...its just so extraordinary
 these chalkboard cheese boards used as placemats are so lovely...via the Decorista
 and LOVE this tabletop with black lace details on the linens
 another gorgeous glossy black door
 and this bed is a pampering retreat

 black and white is such a great decorating strategy to bring elegance and style whether its on walls....
 or as details spread around the room or one strong accent....it adds so much glamour and depth.

images via: The Decorista, KML Design, Thomas Obrien, etc