24 December 2011

The Lost Art of Stuffing the Stockings.... lovely gifts perfect for yours

As a child I was blessed with stockings over-flowing at my home and my grandparents.... it was an added surprise that made Christmas just that much more special and we all loved that tradition.
These days it seems that the stockings are getting forgotten....no one fills them anymore.  They are just used as decoration...but to me that extra bit of effort to find tiny treasures to pile in should never be overlooked.
Here are some tiny treasures that I think would be fabulous to find....
Merry Christmas!

cherry blossom girl
 maybe not a whole swan.....he's just so pretty

cherry blossom girl

 heheee!  this little fella is the cutest ever!!  Instantly in LOVE!
Have a Blessed Christmas

images via: Design Chic, This is Glamorous, Pinterest, tumbler, chanel, cherry blossom girl

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