04 December 2011

Pip Studio is a fabulous Dutch site!

I love finding talented designers to feature....and Pip is amazing.... you'll see!
  Be sure to do some of your Christmas shopping here....

All PIP’s products must meet her motto;
‘Happy products for Happy People’.

Her website is beautifully designed....every detail so whimsical and magical... such a joy to browse.

read about Pip "Who is Pip?"

I love this adorable collage and its so interactive

go to her website and be sure to mouse over the little music box!

Such incredibly cheery colors and designs..... my wishlist just got lots bigger!

Most PIP products are available throughout Europe in the better specialist shops and chain stores. PIP is also currently attracting a lot of attention outside Europe. She is beginning to make a name for herself in Australia and is taking her first careful steps in America too. In a nutshell, PIP is conquering the world. Not that that is really PIP’s aim, but apparently her products touch the right emotional chords - universal ones. Her motto ‘Happy products for Happy people’ expresses that to a ‘T’.

www.gidgishop.com is selling some of Pip's items and I hope she will be adding more!
Check out her store as well as blog.

images via: Pip Studio

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