22 December 2015

DESIGN CRUSH | White Bungalow

What I'm loving about this project by White Bungalow ....well just everything.
This floor is so beautiful with the soft palette of grey, white and metallic.
I love the simplicity of the clean lines and a small dose of pattern.
This space feels so comforting and peaceful....a restful repose to the outside world.


19 December 2015

WRAP | beautiful gift wrap inspiration

Visit my Package board to get more inspiration....
A Gift Wrapped Life - Gifting Tips, Advice and Inspiration: Making me happy......blog links this week:
via Nesters

15 December 2015

HOLIDAY TABLESCAPE | set the table for a beautiful holiday mood

It's time for the parties...holiday get togethers...visiting family and friends.
Set a gorgeous table that elevates the holiday mood.
I've curated some of my favorite holiday tablescapes for inspiration...

visit my Holiday board or Set the Table for more great ideas.


                                  want to see more......

05 December 2015

HOLIDAY WISHLIST | + my room makeover wishlist

my holiday wishlist
I've been doing so much holiday decorating and now am ready for some 
Saturday shopping and then viewing all the lovely Christmas lights this evening.
Here are some of my wishes for this Christmas...

  to shop the list......