19 November 2017

MOODBOARD | November

Happy Fall ♥
                 xoxo, ande

15 September 2017

17 July 2017


summer vibes.......

its raining .... a great time to stay in and daydream

runway shows 

Haute Tea at 4 please ♥

and yes .... keep those positive vibes 

                                   xoxo, ande

02 June 2017


this June is all about keeping your composure,
focusing on goals and seeing the beauty in it all

a wonderful warm weather destination ..... Cloudcroft NM
Cloudcroft is a great place to visit to get away from the heat... the dessert floor 
can be above 90 during the day, but travel up, up, up into the mountain side and 
soon you reach temperatures in the 70's and lovely wildflowers everywhere.
I suggest a visit to the local boutiques, a short hike and a fab late lunch.

loving the pearl bead-work on Gucci jackets
more fashion inspiration ♥

cake anyone 

and.... ♦ its my birthday ♦ check out my moodboard ....

happy June musings
                         xoxo, ande

17 May 2017


some lovely links.....

                               xoxo, ande

15 May 2017

MAY| inspiration

♥ Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 ♥

Lovely sheer pleats of flowing fabrics.... "creating the essence of truth,
nestled in dreams where time does not exist
and reality is the result of imagination." - Valentino

Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 Couture Details:

visit the Valentino site for more glorious collection news and inspiration

♦ also, always visit Coco Bliss for a mix of street styles and runway ♦

happy may musings!
                        xoxo, ande

01 April 2017


obsessed with all things Fendi .... but these shoes!

and this manicure ... get beauty inspiration 

♦ and while you garden bee mindful of all the little creatures ♦
every year it seems there are less bees, butterflies and 
where have all those lovely moon moths gone?

and remember ..... 'forever is composed of nows'.

happy spring ♥
                     xoxo, ande