31 March 2014


Since Spring's arrival... late but at last here... I've been so inspired to host 
a spring fling tea party.  No special event necessary, just lots of fine teas, adored 
serving pieces, flowers and of course gorgeous tasty treats, all homemade.
There's nothing more scrumptious than homemade biscotti, scones, tea sandwiches,
and cakes, coupled with fabulous exotic teas.
All the recipes for the following images are linked at the bottom, so lets get
cooking and host a fab haute tea party for all our friends to
break from the hectic work week and enjoy spring.


23 March 2014


needed..... fresh spring fashions 
tired of the drab heavy winter clothes?

here's some crisp spring haute looks 
Express By Sydne Style
express by sydne style

04 March 2014


as an artist|designer I'm always admiring studio spaces and here are some
of my favorites and some ideas on how to get organized + get this look
I've been revamping my workspace at home so I'll be trying some of these ideas

this studio space is amazing...it has the feel of getting away from all distraction to be able to focus
on your projects....natural sunlight + large work surfaces + shelves for organizing
A great looking artist studio.

01 March 2014

ART + DECOR | what I'm obsessing over

ok...I know I've been obsessing over this black and white stuff for weeks now....
well months now.  And between the rug I'm wanting and these abstract pieces
I'm not getting much sleep lets just say.... I wake in the middle of the night picturing
a blank canvas or a huge sheet of heavy watercolor paper and drops of black.... grey and gold
and ebony ink.... and thin lovely frames...either in gold or black... heck I even love
these in white ... when I say I'm obsessing...I really am.

#neutral and comfy...

these Brice Marden prints + something else that i just adore is this champagne velvet sofa...swoooon!