15 February 2012

10 February 2012

Organize with vintage pieces...

Growing up on a farm in rural Alabama I was taught to appreciate vintage and antique pieces handed down from our family.  I totally love all the pieces my Grandmother gave me and my Mom and I spend considerable amounts of time searching for and refurbing vintage pieces to use in our homes.  It is very hard to find a piece of furniture made these days that can withstand the wear and tear that an antique piece can.  Be careful when your searching for vintage pieces...check for things like dove-tail drawers and liners between the drawers of chest and dressers.  Real wood pieces are always preferred over veneered pieces too (there are a few instances where veneer pieces are nice but rare).
 I'm Loving these vintage pieces refurbed for storage...makes for a wonderful little home office area.

 pretty mini roses are so delicate and make me think of my Aunt Carrie's farm house
this vintage hutch and a desk made from reclaimed lumber is so gorgeous
 closet doors glammed up with vintage mirror treatment
 fabulously done art gallery hallway (sometimes you can find gorgeous vintage frames).
 this little nook is so dreamy
 lovely little pantry with painted chalkboard on the door
 Be creative ...use some wonderful vintage pieces to decorate and organize

images via: la belle vie, haute indoor, the enchanted home, gypsy purple home

07 February 2012


Getting through mid week with some lovely images to daydream about. Love everything about this room

ohhh my.... Chanel

Chloe Spring/Summer 2012
Caroline Quartermaine Designs
Life is short....enjoy what you do.....do what you love.

06 February 2012

Inspirational Girl

 I found a wonderful blog to share.... Inspired Design and really enjoyed reading through her posts and her blog design is gorgeous! Debby is the inspirational girl behind the blog and she really does just that...inspires you to keep thinking, keep dreaming and keep pressing on! 

Its Monday morning already and I've got tons of ideas and dreams that need to be organized.  At least I did get the math homework and laundry done this weekend and enjoyed some awesome baseball!
Sometimes a little relaxation is just what you need.

 Thanks to my wonderful parents, Mom and Pop, I'm able to do just this....
 and after many years of fumbling around, its nice to finally have my own plan for my career.  Art and design are definitley a passion of mine.  I cant imagine working in any other field and since I'm making a choice now...twenty years late... I'm really content that I'm on the right path.
 This outfit is perfect for campus and a little supply shopping afterwards!

 Everyone's abuzz about Papaya art and who can blame them....I LOVE this!

 Found this lovely inspirational girl photo on 'Inspired Design'

Dream, Create, Live...and do it Large!

images via: Papaya Art, Inspired Design, Pinterest, Tumbler

Happy Lovely Monday!

02 February 2012

Fresh Modern Collections from Caroline Quartermaine

art by Caroline Quartermaine

images via: Caroline Quartermaine