01 February 2017

MOODBOARD | february

♥ this is an a-lister shopping guide for your valentine ♥
 ♥ or a ton of big time hints for my sweety ♥  
either way I hope you enjoy some of my favorite finds for February

pink roses in the garden ..... a sweet ever blooming gift

♦ love petit fours .... then ....let them eat cake

my favorite artisan right now..... Nino Pali 
see my inspiration board dedicated to her jewelry work 
and then visit her instagram and storefront to buy

adore these little Fendi fur monster fobs for your purse
and of course... who wouldn't get all imoshenel over a Fendi bag

♥ going gaga over this Dolce & Gabbana needlepoint kitten beanie ♥

and some valentine inspiration ..... my funny valentine

♥ happy valentines day 
                      xoxo, ande