24 April 2012

Upcycling.....Make something with those bits and pieces

I love collecting ephemera...little bits and pieces from travels, great shopping trips,  and memorabilia from family events.  The little treasures combine with scraps of favorite fabrics to make treasures.
These are all fabulous projects found on Pinterest...my latest craze...for some great inspiration to get us moving on some of these upcycling projects... pull out that shoebox full of your collections and create some one of a kind treasures and keepsakes. 

I love decorating with old books...they bring so much character to a bookshelf and room but isnt this a fabulous idea for those books whose spines and covers have not withstood the test of time....they can still be put to good use...pull those pages and stack them...cut into sweet shapes and build bases for some wonderful ephemera pieces.

We were recently blessed with some exquisite vintage frames from my Aunt Diane and wow isnt this a great idea to showcase some collage boards.  Use foam board as the base for your collage...cover with fabric or just a thin coat of acrylic color....there's so many options but I love this gray base used here...then some stencilled lettering on the board and pile on your treasures.

Make use of every scrap of gorgeous lace and trims left over from sewing projects by making a journal.  Include some pieces cut from favorite vintage clothing... tshirts and silk flowers.  Pile on some shiny bits...brooches and stamped linen.  Imagine page after page of wonderful kept treasures.

Fabulous idea to use up those index cards stacked in my office drawers.  And that old rolodex makes a great holder for a desk top journal.  Use the index card as a base ...apply watercolor washes, pieces of scrapbook paper, fabrics decoupaged on....laces...newspaper pieces...the sky is the limit here.  Leave room to write on these pages too.  Make notes for projects you want to start... appointments...party planning, etc.   Its a fun project that you can continue building throughout the year.  Change the alphabet tabs for dates and use it as a desk top journal calendar as well.

I love this color combination and the use of clothespins to hold some of the pages and ephemera in. 

And this moodboard is just......well its just fabulous and I want it sooo much!  Surrounded by such a lovely frame and covered with so many vintage and new treasures...its just dreamy! 

Hoping you all have a wonderful creative day!

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