10 April 2012

Tea Parties and Receptions

If any of you have hosted a tea party you know it can be alot of work....but what better way to spend your time than putting on a gorgeous event for your family and friends to enjoy.  I've hosted several parties myself...and I learned alot of cool techniques from my Grandmother Pelham. 

She hosted bridal parties and receptions in our community and my cousin and I always enjoyed helping her make all the lovely treats.
From exquisite cucumber sandwiches to my fav... tiny pineapple creamcheese sandwiches we took great care to freeze the fresh white bread, cut the crusts off, and cut the little sandwiches into whimsical shapes with cookie cutters.....then fill with a luscious combo of cream cheese and crushed pineapple.  YUM!

I've hosted Christmas tea parties where we decorated everything with silver and white fairy lights...tulle laden tables and all sterling platters, china teacups and silver spoons with damask linen napkins. 

 We went all out decorating yummy Christmas butter cookies with silver gray, white icings and sugar crystals.  We worked for days before hand planning and preparing everything homemade. Quiches, Scones and Fresh Fruit trays served with delicate creamcheese mellow dip are also scrumptious treats. We served several kinds of hot tea and ciders as well.  There's so many beautiful ways to host a tea party I hope you'll try it yourselves soon and have a wonderful time.

Happy Spring Lovelies!

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