29 April 2012

The Art of Painted Furniture

A fabulous statement piece! 
Yes, I do so love painted furniture pieces and this lovely little table is so perfect.  A hand-painted piece so often means your getting a one of a kind treasure and that is what makes keepsakes my Dears.

 This little jewel looks to be decoupaged but could be hand-painted by someone talented.
{and a little note ...always be sure to check that the drawers are dove-tailed and the construction is solid}
 I'm adoring everything chevron and this dresser is ohh lala!
  Whoa! amped up ...this is perfect for a 'rock n roll' office/studio or even a bedroom,
 simplicity but supercharged with color.... love the pulls as well.

Be brave with that statement piece ....its like adorning yourself with your favorite jewels.

Happy Sunday Evening...welcome to a new week of spring!

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