09 February 2014


I'm still contemplating black doors going into the dining room...
I love this exterior door in black
~Vicki Archer
and this was the picture that inspired me at first... I posted it a few days ago and it made
me think of doors going into a formal dining area and how dramatic this would be
beautiful chair & ottoman

i definitely love the matte finish instead of shiny ....I think 

black double doors and contrasting white walls
via girl of 100 lists
our doors are swinging french doors going from the living room into the dining
Main Entrance concept

the shine is so glam and i do think it would be too over the top dressy for our little cottage
what do you think of black doors for the entrance to a dining area?
Black doors
via manhattan-nest.com
Lorenzo Castillo via La Dolce Vita- beautiful use of black, white and natural textures
via paloma81.blogspot.com

Happy Sunday Morning!
                                xo ande

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