06 February 2014

DESIGN MUSE tranquil greys | vintage pieces

Love this dining room table and chairs.  Using vintage in your decor brings a level
of authenticity to the room that you just cant get by purchasing all new items.

via shopstyle

so crushing on this chair!  Recover a vintage wing chair with this fab fabric and get some glam going.
I could just kick myself too... you know when you see something....your out shopping and you think OMG I should really get that now.... cant believe I found this here....and then you think hmm maybe I should wait or look one more place and you come back and its gone.....well I did that...again! Why I havent learned yet to NEVER do that..... its beyond me but yea.... the rug below.... I found it...here in my small home town and I didnt get it that very moment... i came back with the bf in tow and it was of course gone. Sad!
Lesson.....if you love it...don't pass it up EVER~

via jewinjcrew.tumblr.com 

another thing I'm absolutely dying over is this black door.... well and the grey chair.
But I'm thinking that a pair of swinging black doors entering the dining room would be swoon worthy..yes?

beautiful chair & ottoman
via thebookofsecrets.tumblr.com

Currently in the process of painting a dresser grey ...and a bookcase.... i'm totally into the tranquility of grey mixed with the glam of gold, black and white.
I love these prints with a large expanse of white mat and a thin gold frame.

Artwork in gold frames
via decorpad

                                 xoxo ande

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