31 August 2011

Vivienne Westwood...Clothes are fab ...the makeup... hmm.... mix between braveheart and manson? 

April, May AW 2011 ..... loving everything about this line!

Kaufman Franco AW 2011.....lovely

Missoni ........ dreamy

images via: Maire Claire UK and Refinery 29

29 August 2011

Culture Club.... AIC... Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity

The Art Institute of Chicago... Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity
June 30–September 22, 2013
Regenstein Hall
'Woman Reading',  Edouard Manet, 1879

Were the Impressionists fashionistas? At a time in France when designers like Charles Frederick Worth changed how clothing was made and marketed into the first manifestations of the modern fashion industry, artists were using fashion to communicate modernity as an idea.  I love how the artists paints the lacy, poufy collar and ribbon ties above and ellaborates on the lace veil of the top hat on the majestic rider below.

'At the Seaside-Sophie Croizette on Horseback', Carolus Duran

 Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity covers this period between the 1860s and 1880s that saw not only the rise of the department store and the proliferation of fashion magazines but also serious interests among an artistic and literary elite in the ephemeral and constantly innovative qualities of fashion as a means of discovering new visual and verbal expressions.  Just as women were discovering this new means of expressing themselves not only on a day to day basis with fashion but through art realized how they were now able to immortalize themselves.  Think of how we feel now when we are able to get that perfect photograph of ourselves; seen maybe not 'forever' but for many generations in our best fashions and as our most youthful and vibrant self.  This is the true beauty of art and its usefulness.... a Preservation of Time.

'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte', Georges Seurat
Designers used this new medium of art to illustrate to women everywhere how they should be dressing; wearing the latest fashions and hairstyles and partaking of the latest trends.  What an exciting time to be in!
'La Loge', Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1874
Despite the many exhibitions and studies on the Impressionists, their achievement has never been examined in view of the physical reality of the fashions that they exploited for their own artistic aims. Indeed, one could argue that these artists, along with less experimental painters of modern life, such as Alfred Stevens or James Tissot, responded to the vibrant consumer culture and need to be à la mode.

'Zwei lesende madchen in einem Garten', Pierre Auguste Renoir

The exhibition includes about 90 major figure paintings by Gustave Caillebotte, Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Georges Seurat in addition to fashion portraitists such as Carolus-Duran, Stevens, and Tissot, among others.

Degas via The Musee d'Orsay
A judicious selection of contemporary costumes will provide the physical reality for the sartorial nuances of dress and accessories that artists used to convey their modernity as well as that of their subjects.

'Queen Maria Pia of Portugal', Carolus Duran

The exhibition also includes photographs, fashion plates, advertisements, and other printed materials from the period that bring to life the period in which Monet and his colleagues created some of their most innovative compositions.

 This is not on display in Chicago but rather at the Louvre in Paris; it is such a great representation of how the wealthiest families used artist to immortalize them in their best fashions.  It is one of the best known and most beautiful pastel drawings in the Louvre: the portrait of the Marquise de Pompadour by Maurice-Quentin Delatour. Let the mistress of Louis XV be your introduction to the Age of Enlightenment.

images and article via: The Art Institute of Chicago and The Louvre

24 August 2011

Pure Confection

Decorating with pieces that remind me of sugar coated everything makes me so happy!  I'm loving these sherbert colors on the wall and gold, silver and crystal accents that make it drip with sugar.  Mixing these colors into your wardrobe is pure confection heaven. 
 Loving these Luxe Lavendar Heels
 The lavendar walls mixed with gold frames and sketches are dreamy
 Victorian Confection Bliss
 Loving these sugar white walls; the warm glow from the lamps and pink flowers are luxe! 
 The bust and dark plum velvet headboard is heavenly.
 This Shabby Chic bedset is like a puffy cloud and you know you'll be sleeping like a little cherub.
 Perfect little glammed up office space
 I love some Miu Miu and this is like a little cotton candy love on your arm.
 The sparkle from vintage brooches and jewelry is so unique.....it hums of all the history they've been through and this just cant be duplicated in new jewelry. 
 One of my favorite pieces done by my artist/writer Mother...she's awesome!  She did this portrait of me when I was in high school...we wont say how long ago that was!  But I love this because it reminds me, of all things...of Toga Day Senior Year...it was a happy time! She framed it in an exquisite vintage thin gold carved frame...its total confection purfection!  So happy to have it on my wall.
 This is just adorable....I love Poodles and I love Pink so... pretttyyy!
 This is like spun sugar hanging from the ceiling! LOVE
Beautiful shell bowl

Love decorating with art and these colors are so scrumptious!  LUXE on the wall!
This lovely painting is for sale.  Contact Paula's Paint Studio
 Dreamy bed

 This gate is so lovely....and does its job so well!  After all, these days privacy is luxury

All things are better with coffee.

images via: Belisima Bed Linens, Rachel Ashwell, Thai Cong, This is Glamorous, Neiman Marcus, The Haunt

22 August 2011

Fall Fashion Hits

Fall Fashions to Fall For!  I'm loving this years return to elegance...

 Whats more fun than one of these luxe hats!
 So Hip and Chic

 Stack on the bracelets ...and loving the new ring finger trend

 Proenza's messenger bag in a sweet bordeaux.
 Lovin the Mustard Yellow fur and some bling from Gucci!

Happy Fall!