24 August 2011

Pure Confection

Decorating with pieces that remind me of sugar coated everything makes me so happy!  I'm loving these sherbert colors on the wall and gold, silver and crystal accents that make it drip with sugar.  Mixing these colors into your wardrobe is pure confection heaven. 
 Loving these Luxe Lavendar Heels
 The lavendar walls mixed with gold frames and sketches are dreamy
 Victorian Confection Bliss
 Loving these sugar white walls; the warm glow from the lamps and pink flowers are luxe! 
 The bust and dark plum velvet headboard is heavenly.
 This Shabby Chic bedset is like a puffy cloud and you know you'll be sleeping like a little cherub.
 Perfect little glammed up office space
 I love some Miu Miu and this is like a little cotton candy love on your arm.
 The sparkle from vintage brooches and jewelry is so unique.....it hums of all the history they've been through and this just cant be duplicated in new jewelry. 
 One of my favorite pieces done by my artist/writer Mother...she's awesome!  She did this portrait of me when I was in high school...we wont say how long ago that was!  But I love this because it reminds me, of all things...of Toga Day Senior Year...it was a happy time! She framed it in an exquisite vintage thin gold carved frame...its total confection purfection!  So happy to have it on my wall.
 This is just adorable....I love Poodles and I love Pink so... pretttyyy!
 This is like spun sugar hanging from the ceiling! LOVE
Beautiful shell bowl

Love decorating with art and these colors are so scrumptious!  LUXE on the wall!
This lovely painting is for sale.  Contact Paula's Paint Studio
 Dreamy bed

 This gate is so lovely....and does its job so well!  After all, these days privacy is luxury

All things are better with coffee.

images via: Belisima Bed Linens, Rachel Ashwell, Thai Cong, This is Glamorous, Neiman Marcus, The Haunt


  1. Ohhh love all the pretty images :) I love poodles too hehe

  2. So much loveliness here...love the lamp in the first image and the sketches...fabulous!!


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