19 September 2011

Early Morning Light

You Know that Early Morning Light ....when you wake up so early the birds arent even awake yet....thats the prettiest time of day to me.  So inspiring....the wonder of what a new day holds.
 I'm loving these soft colors and expected feel of softness of this natural linen
 this is so glamorous...so perfectly glitzy....LOVE the silver walls too

 More of that natural linen and a wonderful splash of lavender and some glitz on that chandi
 Now this is a perfect place to retreat
 the perfect part of this room is the gorgeous silver candlesticks and those roses...whoa! awesome!
 sometimes you have to calm yourself and just watch and listen
 perfect balance of color and hue.......this is exquisite
 so so pretty
 this coffee table is so gorgeous....perfect to accent that lush sofa
 some glamorous mint green with a lovely black ribbon tie back...so audrey hepburn
 this just says.....WOW.  I know this is probably wall paper ...but I'd like to imagine it as a mural ...all handpainted and special....this settee demands nothing less.
 I want a shot of this perfect color now please!  LOVING this purple
 hmm....its hard to pick one best item...its all so good! 
 definitley a room i could work in

 perfect palest shade of gray on the cabinets, the industrial chic lamps, stainless... and those open shelves.... just say ahhh....such a beautiful kitchen...I'm dreaming of this room.

images via: Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Amanda's Photography, The Decorista, this is glamorous, Kara Mann, shelterinteriordesign.blogspot.com

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