20 May 2012

Inspirational Studio Spaces

It seems like such a luxury to have a space to work and create.  I'm totally loving these art studios.

Such a great use of a vintage frame...makes a fab moodboard!  I love that its black and white too.
 Wow what a great design & meeting space.  The lucite table makes the space seem bigger and brighter.
 The lighting in this space is awesome! The work table is the perfect height and the baskets underneath are a great way to deal with those little bits and pieces that you want to keep up with.  The huge work boards offer plenty of room so that your projects can be spread out.  I think the mirrors on the table top are very interesting and a very glamorous touch.
 This room has amazing natural light and with white walls your sure to get a clear crisp view of your project.  I think a mistake that alot of people make is painting their studio walls.  Keep in mind that whatever color you choose will be reflected on your work surface and can taint your perspective of the true colors in your project.  If your not so much for the true white walls...try a very pale hue of cream. 
 I love this color combo...whites, creams grays and black...beautiful! 
And I'm crushing on a vintage dress form right now!
 This moodboard speaks to me.  The watercolor study of birds is so pretty.  I love that its linen wrapped and the amount of space carefully left between each item prevents them from getting lost in a jumble.
 I just had to include this wonderful diy project using vintage book pages.  Anthropologie always has great projects done in their shops.  Wouldnt this be amazing lighting for a studio sitting area!

Happy Sunday Evening!

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