17 May 2012

New projects from the studio

I've been refurbing some adorable vintage jewelry boxes in the studio this past week. 
These will be soon be added to our etsy shop ...better photos of course!  I just couldnt wait to share them. 
I'm loving the shapes of these little gems.... and after some new paint finishes and an interior re-upholster job on small scale they look fabulous dont you think!  I have three more boxes to finish and some better photos to take and up for sale they go. 

 and YES I used animal print to recover the interior of these beauties
 I tried my hand at be jeweling!  The little pulls just cried out for some bling so I added some smoky swarovski rhinestones....now they look like jewel encrusted bow ties...LOVE!
 I'm still working on the design for the top of this...its in progress.  I think the crown needs something...hmm...have to ponder on it more.  I hand painted the shield and the background of sky and pasture behind it...now for that crown... i think it needs gold and some bling?
The glass doors were totally gross before with some really horrible 70s fake lead flowers...it had to go!  So off to the local glass shop we went for new shiny clear glass panels for the front...it makes it sparkle now.
and of course...more luscious animal print for the interior...a perfect bed for your jewels to rest upon!

Hope all you lovilies have a wonderful rest of the week as we sail to the weekend!

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