15 October 2013


Sharing some of the things I've been working on ....some are finished....some not
a work in progress.... my latest dream catcher 
 I'll be going out to the country... out of town to search for some wild willow branches, grapevine, quartz rocks, arrowheads and maybe if i'm lucky some pottery shards to be the stars of my dream-catchers.
Growing up on my Granddads farm by the Chattahoochee River, I used to find these all the time.

Yesterday I finished this necklace....really love it and hope someone else will love it too.

Found this vintage pin Saturday while out scouring antique shops.
It was my inspiration for the colors and baubles to use ....awesome pale shades of olive and cream.
I just adore that one little pearl on the side...and the shabby rhinestone flower centers.
I tore strips of cream dupioni silk to create the 'chain' and tied in the rings for everything to be strung from.
This is definitely my favorite piece so far.

vintage chains were the starting point for this and I'm leaning to pale greens, turquoises and pearls.
There's a few vintage charms, bead and chain pieces in this but a lovely new 18k gold plate lobster closure.

I just got my order of heavy plated 18k chains and lobster closures.... I'm also going to be experimenting with some patinas on this awesome vintage brass chain.  Its going to end up {I HOPE} as partial green, turquoise and chartreuse verdigris ..... cant wait to get my solution figured out so I can try this technique.

 I have my new gold chain and closure.... featuring a vintage gold circle around a vintage topaz charm.... a little strand of grey agate and squares of gemstones set it off I think.  

sharing only a snippet of the large shabby dreamcatcher thats only partially done... 
but just to entice ya'll... :)  I'll be including pieces of lace in the webbing...quartz, willow branches wrapped with strips of white leather, and lots of little trinkets that I hopefully find in the woods when we go over to the river tomorrow... I'll snap some pics while we're out their and if we can get down to the waterfall maybe I can find some fossilized sharks teeth in the creek.

Grey Dreamcatcher that I'll be finding some finishing touches for tomorrow

                                                          xoxo ande

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