27 October 2013


I'm happy to share that my new shop is finally open with the first of new collections available.  I've been having a blast designing and making these new pieces and have been pleased that these are different from anything I've previously made.  I've been inspired to create pieces with longevity....something that will be classically as beautiful years from now as they are today so I wanted to use heavy clasps, larger gauge
wire to string on, and 18k plate chains, jump rings, and lobster claws.  I also found some awesome brass pieces and a way to patina that I'm absolutely loving! 
As someone who is a creative type and striving to run my own business and promote it on a fairly new platform {blogging and social media haven't been around very long} I'm constantly wondering if I'm on the right track and whats next?  I took time to ponder how could I really express my creativity other than just posting about beautiful design ideas found on the web and other people's art.  I got out my notebook and began sketching new designs and ideas for jewelry collections, purses and accessories.  At first, I planned for this creative process to only take a month.  It took much longer, but that's ok. I decided to open a new shop that will provide an easier and well, just prettier shopping experience right from my blog and social media connections.
My favorite part of having my own business is the creative process itself.  Designing and making something with your own hands is sooo rewarding.  And of course searching for unique vintage bits to include in my designs is always a super way to spend a Saturday morning!  
Now I'm moving on to my next collection idea and I cant wait to complete some pieces of it to share.  I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with this next one ....I've got myself a soldering tool and will be using vintage bits and pieces to create unique collage jewelry items.  {{To give you some idea of the 'feel'  I'm going for...the name of the collection will be {Gypsy Wren} ....picture the tiniest little wren singing away on the branch outside your window....she's traveled here, there and everywhere and collected shiny baubles all along her path....she's all dolled up in silver, rhinestones and pearls and a few glimmering magical gemstones here and there.}}  I'm super excited about this collection ...it will probably be my favorite.  I'll begin working on it this week so I hope to have some pieces to share soon.  And then there's still those purses....geez I need two more of me to get all this done! 
Now...on to the shop.....Here are some pieces of my current new release....LOTUS DREAM

I hope you'll head on over to the shop ....take a look around...browse and SHOP ;)
Holiday's are just around the corner.... I do offer FREE gift-wrap as well...and I love to pretty that up too!

xoxo ande

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