02 December 2012

studio Inspired

Its time to think of re-vamping everything....the apartment...the studio....the shop.
Seems like every winter brings this feeling that I want to make everything new again.... I'm already thinking of spring cleaning!  These studio spaces are full of light and bright clean space....space so desperately needed for creativity.  I love this book case and the the clear acrylic desk with brass base.

via Twig and Thistle
Love these soft gray walls and spacious desk
via Lisa Madigan
 I'm so inspired by Irideeen blog from the Netherlands.... crisp whites and soft grays and so incredibly organized...this memo board is incredible and I'm going to have to rip mine of the wall and make one about three times bigger so that I can space things out like this ...much better than all crammed together.
I love how each saved item is visible.... separated so that the idea is not lost in a pile of 'smoosh'!
via Iredeen
 Really really fab!  Yes I admit...I like shiny stuff!

Happy Sunday Afternoon!
Here's hoping next week brings completion of projects

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