23 November 2012

Fabulous Friday after.... Inspiration

Dark walls are so luxe!  I love the effect of these dark navy blue walls with bright white trim, metallic, black and then a pop of turquoise...this fabric is by the way the cutest ever....I adore this pattern and would love to find it if anyone knows where it came from.  
Its so fresh and totally comforting too!  This room is so beautifully done.

Swooning over these dark rubbed black bookcases and all the vintage books....those chairs are fab no!

Charcoal grey walls look so regal with these elaborate gold frames and crisp white trim.

And a lovely DIY project .... I want one of these!  Gorgeous frame with a black linen covered board inset would be nice...or like below...magnetic chalkboard....I do love a pretty chalkboard!  This one is over the top glam for sure....most suitable for any Diva's Studio!

Happy Friday Everyone! 
Hope you all had a wonderful family Holiday!

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