27 December 2012

Artistic Finishes

As an artist in decorative finishes I'm always looking for that next color thats going to hit the mark.
For the next year....what trends are going to roll in...whats everyone looking for...
what do we HAVE to Have for that wall in the living room or that nook in the study.

How about this .... an amazing finish for the cabinets ....and even further...the panels to blend that fridge in...
Fabulous yes!?

And I LOVE this Chinoiserie treatment here....the color is wonderful...exciting but relaxing. 

I can see that this years color trend for finishes on furniture pieces and cabinets will lean between these fabulous shades of robins egg blues, true turquoise, fresh spring greens and soft sages.
A lovely relaxing natural palette of freshness.
I cant wait to find some antique pieces to work some finish magic on!

Happy Thursday Afternoon!

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