07 July 2012

Some Saturday Morning Etsy Browsing......

I just LOVE Etsy.... I put together some of the wonderful items I found browsing around on there and just look.......so Adorable!  Its such a great storefront for artists everywhere.
Hope you enjoy some of my finds from Saturday Morning browsing. 
Links for each collection are in the caption below its group.

Shop the items...hop on over to my collection on Etsy......Whimsical Day

Shop the items in my treasury collection....,,Ocean Spray

Shop the items in my collection.......Counciously Vintage with Love

Is this not the cutest little village for Christmas! 
I'm so planning to try making some of these little joys....but if I'm not successful I'll be saving to purchase this lovely little set for the mantle.  The artist has inspired me to give it a try...we have a huge stash of vintage cards the would do just perfect for this....and I love anything to do with glitter application!  Hope your just as inspired to include these lovelies into your holiday decor.

visit Carla at ShesCrafty121 on Etsy to see her fab village collection

Happy Saturday Morning Etsy Shopping & Browsing!

Check out our shop on Etsy while your there.... Rococo Cat Studio

xoxo ande

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