30 July 2012

A Flare for Merchandising

I love how these shops have gone the extra whimsical mile in creating a fabulous first impression.
Drawing a potential customer into your world is no small feat.

Carina Baverstock Couture

 Creating drama and inspiration makes a customer curious about what other treasures are inside that they just cannot do without for another day!  Oh how I love that effect!

What Luxurious item awaits me just through this Paris Shop door......

And once inside continue building that world....showing ways of incorporating your shops vision and style into a customers life.  Wow, Chanel has such a fab boutique vib ... I want to see more.
Its like we've walked into the halls of versailles...swoon!

j'adore this shop window ....sooo much creative flare here! 
I just cant come up with words to explain how much I love this...so many layers...its wonderful!

Cos, Smythson and The Chelsea Flower Shop

Happy Monday.....welcoming a new week!

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