24 July 2012

So White, So Wonderful

Just wanted to share some lovely details of shabby chic decor.
If any of you have tried this style of decorating then you know it takes quite a bit more restraint than you might think.  I really adore the crisp clean palette of whites, creams, ocassional pastel pinks and blues, the aged patina on surfaces and the appreciation of all things vintage.
What I love most about this sweet little chair is the careful placement of the hand cross-stitched monogram on the muslin used to recover it.  J'adore!
And this bunny pillow...swoooon!  Perfect spot of whimsy.

Peony and Sage

This little chic nook has so many components that make it fab!
Love the 'Bliss' on the wall above the window...the lovely little tins, buckets and bins on the shelves, the pillows on the bench, and that pastel pink table is pure confection perfection!

La Petite Maison Blanche

I love finding these soaps in sweet little boutique shops....they are a luxe little treat for everyday.

Modern Country

No Shabby Chic decore is complete without a fabulous sparkling chandi....this is gorgeous!

Crush Cul de Sac

Details!  Love this pack of vintage papers wrapped with jute and a perfect pink rose.

A Cottage in the Woods

Some Pillow Adoration here....... Love everything about this!
This is a perfect place to hibernate with a good book.
The slipcover, muslin and linen pillows and that crocheted afghan...so snuggly!

More design details to purposefully incorporate...cream and white binding...LOVE.


Happy Tuesday Musings!

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