19 November 2011

Saturday Morning Dreaming

Wanderlust..... innate desire to rove or travel about; strong longing for or impulse toward wandering.
yep...thats what I have.  And add in a ton of longing to create....
Keri Bevan Photography

These gorgeous little journal kits and tags are made by Mary Dixon... find her on Etsy!
 lovely fresh flower arrangements make everyday seem special.

Saturday mornings are for mixing in a little glamour and wanderlust.... thinking of faraway places and riding horses.... there's nothing better than the freedom felt when racing down a trail on horseback.

Glitter doesnt always have to mean LOUD.... this gold glitter mani is extreme glam and elegant.
via {this is glamorous}  she's so got it!

Keri Bevan Photography

Keri Bevan Photography


Here's a cool craft for a Saturday Morning

 I want to make this awesome little snowflake in tons of colors and sizes..... here's the cut!

Happy Saturday!
Hope you have lots of glittery fun and adventure!

images via, {this is glamorous}, lotus eaters, chic coles, the zhush, things that sparkle

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