25 November 2011

Rest and Repose

After the holiday is done....we're enjoying having a weekend to rest and recover. 

 Honestly...I could live the next several days on just coffee and a tart!
 After much sleep I'm starting to think of new projects and these lovely office spaces are so inspiring.
 This lovely mix of white, cream, gray and gold ....its my favorite.
 I'm loving the greige walls and the luster gold ceiling...yum!  The chandi is wonderful... the aged bronze metal and accents of emerald and lime green are so gorgeous.
 The shelves under the desk are just what I need for my massive collection of design mags. 
 This lux black and white office is dreamy. 

Soon it will be Christmas! Whoaaaa ...its going so fast...it would be great to have a beautiful office space like any one of these but for now I will just have to use that inspiration to get some awesome ideas in motion!
Hoping everyone has a great weekend... Peace and Joy!

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