21 December 2013


We're starting a project and these soft gray walls are going in at least three rooms

range of blues

I love how you can choose just about any accent color to accompany
or just go classic with black and white

 ....want to see more looks? here

a little modern

think so far my favorite look is a the palest shade of gray on the wall with mostly white and gold accents
and a few black accents here and there...raw wood, iron, the shine of glass and muted matte gold...swoon!

so many interesting elements

and dont forget to address the floors...for our project we are sanding hardwood back to a raw state and sealing with a matte poly...no shine but protected... with light gray walls and white trim.
we'll be replacing some light fixtures as well....so I'm on the search for some that will lend a french flair


This will be the look for the floors....and possibly a paneled wall like this  in a large hallway.

floors. those floors!

Happy Saturday Morning and Renovation Kickoffs!
                                                          xoxo, ande

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