04 January 2012

Stepping Up in the New Year

Making resolutions is so passe....I prefer to call it just plain ole goals for the New Year.
I got inspired to once again make that list and hope that I can actually do a few of these things this time!

1. Get to the gym at least three times a week.  Come on...its cold out!

2. Do one watercolor a week....seems simple enough right.

3. Sew!  I love sewing and designing ....I'm planning a new line of kindle covers, iphone/ipad covers, and some fabulous bags, purses, totes for the summer!  I also love, love, love to quilt so I'm hoping to piece at least one quilt top this year....and perhaps even hand quilt it too.

4. Complete my first e-book.  We're in the planning stages right now for our first of several e-books.  I'm so excited to get this first one out there and its going to take some serious commitment....lets hope I can jump the hurdle of setting aside the time to work on it....the biggest challenge I think will be photography for each of the projects that I want to write about.

5. Get studio space somewhere so I have room to work....'come through for me local art center!'. Maybe this should have been at the top of the list...oh well, if I'm unable to get space to work I'll just have to drive everyone here nuts with my mess! hahaa

So I'm keeping the list to five things....I'm positive I could come up with alot more... like cleaning out the barn, refurbing it into the space I need.....huh...thats a thought but omg it would take lots of work and cash.  Since I'm a fulltime student as well and classes are crankin' up next week...I better leave the list to these five!

Happy New Year Goal Setting Everyone!

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