02 January 2012

Motivation.....loving what you do

Profound words to get us motivated to keep following our heart

 sometimes even the smallest simpliest things bring us so much happiness
 keep in mind quality not quantity
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 A peaceful, well kept home is the starting point for a happy and healthy family.  My Grandmother Pelham was a home extension officer for many years.  She travelled around the country training women how to keep their homes properly so that their families were well cared for and healthy.... because a families most valuable asset is the home and a married womans biggest responsibility is caring for her family.....a married mans biggest responsiblity is providing what is needed for that to happen.  Call me old fashion but following these basic principles, along with love and respect makes a happy, loving, beautiful and HEALTHY home.  She taught everything from proper cleaning techniques to cooking and I now know she was responsible for many a healthy family.  This has become a passion of mine as well.... from traveling around the country myself I've seen various ways that women care for their families and their homes, and have realized that the state of the family and home life is in a terrible mess.  Most women these days dont understand simple cleaning techniques to control things like bacteria and germ spreading to even handling of foods.  I'm quite sure that mopping the bathroom floor and then ringing the mop out in the kitchen sink ...not scrubbing the sink...then tossing in hamburger packs to thaw is a huge taboo.  How did women get so lazy and uncaring?  Well I hope that has to be a small percentage of women out there..... at any rate I'm going to start work on a project compiling my Grandmother's and Mother's best secrets for home and family care!  Keep your eyes open for these lovely insights....I'm calling it "The Lost Art of Homekeeping"   I can assure you that there will be instructions on the use of 'mop buckets' versus kitchen sinks!   
 fresh ingredients and attention to detail make such a difference
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 its all about caring about everything that you do ....and the end result
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