10 July 2011

Fabulous Five: Advice from {the guardian of all style}........Garance Doré

Love Love Love this collage and how she makes notes of what is fabulous to her.... Thank you for this inspiration!

Cant say enough about how awesome the blogspot {this is glamorous} is!  So much inspiration and classic style and imagination passed on.  I'm getting out my collage boxes as we speak to continue working on some of my own ...to be shared soon.  From this I'm taking the idea of making notes in my collages ....makes it so much more personal...LOVE!
Garance’s musings give us a rare glimpse into the thoughts of a fabulously stylish Parisian woman, and even though her posts imply French women are the masters when it comes to effortless style, they still have a few tricks up their sleeves, and she lets us in on some of her style secrets . . .

Read more: {this is glamorous} http://citified.blogspot.com/2011/04/favourite-five-photographer-garance.html#ixzz1RkWBcD9r
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

{the top five things french women never leave home without:}

Baume Crème de Rose from Dior, for the pot & the perfectly pouty lips.

A pair of sunglasses -- to provide mystery!

A book by Françoise Sagan because she has an incredible perspective on life and was so rock'n roll -- in the French way, of course.

A pair of Repetto ballet flats (the real dancer ones with very soft soles) -- great after long hours in heels.

A pen. To write, of course, but also to put your hair up when you're tired of having it in your face. I don't know why, but every French girl does that!

{images: from garance doré's blog, as well as previous posts, here & here; all collages compiled by this is glamorous}

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