17 February 2016

COUTURE CRUSH | im in love with dolce & gabbana

I have a serious crush.... but who can blame me, right
Take a look at Dolce and Gabbana's spring/summer 2016 fashion show here
but first.... peek through some of the looks up close
and you'll understand the love i have lol

I mean seriously...the velvet slippers below... im dying... i want these
   the bling and the little point upwards on the toe...
its a shoe fit for an elf princess
and the silk shirt dress....striped and fresh for summer....you could walk through
shops and markets for days in this gorgeous outfit

the blend of vintage shapes and textures with a fresh use of fabrics...sheer, mixes of eyelet and hand crochet flowers and dollies and lace, velvets in the softest shades and pops of bright tones
blingified glasses, baskets (im just giddy over those), shoes, box purses and handbags
and ...oh man those earrings and headphones...yes...headphones!

Imagine the hand work that goes into
all of these items...the collecting of vintage brooches and needleworks
its all so amazing that i cant help but say ...i love you D&G.

happy Wednesday musings!
                       xoxo, ande

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