22 January 2013

Tuesday Musings

Hello Lovelies!
Obsession DuJour.... Amazing Headboard ...I adore the finish on this exquisite piece and also love the sweet print pillows.  Seems so Frenchie!

via Simply Seductive Homes
 And getting on to this griege.... this very well traveled room full of accents that tell a story of places visited...people remembered and loved....there's no standard ikea feel here...
every piece carefully pondered and collected over time.
Charlotte Moss
  Cobalts, fresh vivid green and a bit of ikat mixed with a fabulous mirrored chest and venetian glass....very glam with lots of energy.
via Sadie and Stella
 Such a sweet turquoise and lime green Chinoiserie print and of course...the Monogram!
via Sadie and Stella
 Jade Green velvet upholstered bed...YES! 
and...ADORE this little side table.
via Sadie and Stella

Happy Tuesday!

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