24 October 2012

Booth at the Highlands

Finally I have photos to share!
We're getting the booth set up...its taken a while to get things on the right track...arranging...re-arranging.
I have to say my fiance has the most patience and has been helping so much!  I'm so thankful for him always being willing to jump on the ladder to hang things up high and moving all that heavy stuff!
Thank you Honey! You're the Best!
We snapped some photos yesterday while we were hanging some chandi's and its really starting to take on the look I was hoping for.  I welcome your comments!
 We've repurposed a few vintage birdcages in chandi's and hand-painted some very old vintage frames into chalkboards and dry erase boards... I really love those!  
Mom refurbed this 'King of Arms' dartboard and it looks fab! 
 We have several lovely reproduction oil paintings of old master works.  They are beautifully done hand painted ...NOT giclee's...I have to point that out as soooo many old master reproductions these days are printed on the canvas and then some paint dabbed on here and there in an attempt to make it look like an oil painting... but its not! LOL  Most people can discern between the two but you do have to look closely.
While the giclee might look pretty...it has no real value as a work of art so be careful when purchasing!
 My fiance helped me refinish this dresser.  It is very well built...dove-tailed drawers and solid wood throughout...this piece will last for a very long time and is an authentic antique piece versus some of the more modern kind of plasticy furniture they are spitting out these days.  It has a lovely beveled mirror as well.  We painted it with a soft dove grey ...hand rubbed finish with matte poly over the top to protect and decided to keep the vintage pulls. He gave them a very good scrub and polish, too keep that authentic mid century modern appeal.  I was sooo tempted to keep this for myself!  It was hard to load it up for the booth!

 I'm making lavender sachets with natural linen, some with white cotton damask and stamped with frenchie accents and lots of vintage lace and ribbon.  Mom has created a wonderful botanical blend that I'll be using to make some new sachets soon.... before the holidays.
 Now this is kinda kitchy but thats what I adore about it!  I made these little flower arrangements with the thought of them sitting on some super diva's desk!  They are so blingy and wonderful...I put some awesome crystal rhinestones here and there and a few special accents like gold flecked acorns and other natural accents....all done in these adorable mini vases...perfect for your desk!
 We have these fantastic old windows and I used one to make a sign for the booth...they make a fab dry erase board once cleaned up and painted with a fab french grey with gold rubbed on.

 This is just one of the refurbed vintage jewelry boxes that I have in the booth and on Etsy
I had sooo much fun doing these!  The inside is glam'd up with animal print.

Now I'm making ornaments, gift tags and tons of Christmas Decor to fluff up the booth for the pre-holiday sale on Nov. 15th.  Lets hope I can get it all done in time!! Thanks everyone for your support and help with my little project.  I love you all!

Happy Wednesday Musings!

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