19 September 2012

Feeling Frenchie

I found some lovely French inspiration on French Kissed.
I adore this frame with glass and dry erase marker....we have a stashed collection of vintage window frames that will be turned into these lovelies this weekend! I have some news! Yay!  We're opening a booth in Highlands Antiques in October so I'll be away for days at a time while working on new refurb vintage items and more.  I'll be sharing pics as soon as possible and some of the items that we have in the booth will also be listed in our Etsy shop.  These framed clear glass dry erase boards will be some of the items! J'adore!

 I'm searching for some lovely vintage silver pieces as well...
 Love the painted finish on these furniture pieces and we're going to be including alot of these types of items in the booth....as well as some more modern pieces ...I'll be showing some inspiration pics for this items soon.  I'm totally torn between two styles right now so its been hard!  I'm obsessed with crisp whites, silver, and chevron prints with fresh palette ikats for pillows on a glorious modern bed.  But I'm also totally loving this cozy french bed with the upholstered headboard and linen.
 LOVE Love love this room.....the chandi is magnificent and those drapes...swoon-worthy!
Blue and White never goes away ...these chairs are fab!
 Its always impossible to turn away from a gorgeous little chocolate cup like this via French Kissed.
Its just so incredibly delicate and I have to Love it!
 What a great idea for covering old books with linen.
And such a lovely pendant.

Happy Wednesday!

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